Here's another moon-creation myth
[1 Timothy 6:20]

By T.C. Howitt

Jan 09, 2017

In response to an article from Earth's Moon Formed in 'Moonlet' Mash-Up After Many Earth Impacts

Not four months have passed since the science mags published a fresh study on how the moon was formed, and now we have another. Step aside, Earth Vapor theory and Big Whack theory – now we have the Moonlet Mash-Up theory.

Interesting how giving a name to a theory lends credence to the existence of something that only exists in the minds of a few researchers. The article ends with a note that the researchers “plan to study the moonlet-merging process to understand the mixing of the moonlets inside the final moon.” They make “moonlets” sound like something that actually existed, when in fact we have absolutely no evidence for such a thing. It’s more fiction than science.

Here’s my original post about the then-new Earth Vapor hypothesis from September.