Scientists have not found the first flower

By T.C. Howitt

Aug 02, 2017

In response to an article from The Independent: Scientists find the first ever flower, both the father and mother of all those that surround us today

The headline and opening sentence of this article are completely false.

It begins, “Scientists have found the one ancestor of all flowering plants on Earth.”

Scientists have found no such thing. Later in the article, you will learn that,

“For the new study, scientists … combined models of flower evolution with information from a huge database of present-day floral traits.”

Computational modeling and conjecture have supplanted experimentation, observation and discovery in the scientific realm.

These scientists, falsely so called, conclude by simultaneously admitting and boasting that,

“The origin of the angiosperm flower remains among the most difficult and most important unresolved topics in evolutionary biology … These results are a major step forward for understanding the origin of floral diversity and evolution in angiosperms as a whole.”

That first statement, plus a new theoretical model and database, does not lead to the stated conclusion. The results these “scientists” conjured are virtual reality – pure fantasy – and so, scientifically speaking, they could just as reasonably constitute a step backward for understanding the truth of the matter.

And The Independent couldn’t be more eager to help promote the lie that a real scientific discovery has been made here. Why? Because such a report of discovery would seem to bolster the godless, evolutionary, humanist perspective that dominates the world. And that worldview sells.

You could add the artist’s rendition of this flower to a growing catalog of musings by scientistic storytellers showing such things as humanoid ape-like ancestors with black eyes, underwater American cities and glass-domed Mars colonies. No matter how glossy the renditions, they just ain’t real – but that hardly matters to the average infotainment consumer raised on Star Trek and Cheetos.