The real reason to give thanks
[Romans 5:8]

By T.C. Howitt

Nov 24, 2016

In response to an article from Washington Post: The science behind why you shouldn’t stop giving thanks after Thanksgiving

It’s so common to find the word “science” used to encapsulate a humanistic worldview revolving around selfishness. The famous atheist Richard Dawkins summarized it well with the title of his dumb book, The Selfish Gene.

Through the lens of science-without-God, everything boils down to self-interest.

So when we read headlines starting with “The science behind why you should” do this or that, it’s probably a piece seeking to bolster this belief in the meaning of life being rational selfishness.

Check out these three quotes from the article:

“People who consciously choose daily to seek out things in their lives to be thankful for are, research has shown, happier and healthier.”

“And why would we want to cheat ourselves?”

“This realization itself is freeing, liberating, redeeming. Gratitude works!”

In these quotes we find the declaration that research can determine qualities such as happiness, that nobody would want to cheat themselves out of some material benefit, that a scientific finding is “freeing, liberating, redeeming” and that this method works.

How much of that qualifies as science? The answer is None – none of it is science. It’s all scientism, which is dogma, a blind faith in “science” to save, to serve your needs like a nifty new product.

I for one do not give thanks for that today.

Here’s a better reason to give thanks, to have gratitude: God is so great in mercy that He offers to save us when we don’t deserve it, and He did it through the sacrifice of His Son. God loves all of us, so if you love Him, you ought to love all your neighbors as His beloved creation. Give thanks to God!

Science can tell us about our physical world, about nature. Let science be science. Leave the rest – justice, meaning, morality, love, eternity, liberation, redemption – to God, where it belongs.